Information for Authors

You've written a great book

and it deserves attention

You Tweet or post on Facebook
but your posts are buried in an avalanche of information.



you are featured with a Spotlight

on a website dedicated to great Canadian authors.

They tweet about you and your book.


Now imagine

10 other authors sharing it,

20, 50, 100, even more…

Suddenly it's no longer just a post buried in a feed.

It's a social media event.


Our goals:

• increase your exposure to readers,
• promote Canadian works across the country,
• encourage book sales, and
• unite authors in the common purpose of shared promotion.


Yes! Sign me up.

Introductory Offer: $19.95 (Regular price $29.95)


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Canadian Author Spotlight is a subsidiary of Mischievous Books Publishing


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If you are a Canadian author, you can be part of Canadian Author

We are a growing hub for readers to discover Canadian authors and their work.

Be part of the larger community in promoting your own work, as well as cross-promoting with others.





What we offer

• permanent author bio page* for a year
• rotation** on the main page as the Spotlight Author
• up to 4 images of your latest book (front & back cover, 2 interior pages) included (i.e. blurbs, covers, additional info, awards, etc).
• if you have multiple books, covers and descriptions can be added to your author page
• Buy links direct to your Amazon sales page for individual books
• Links to your Amazon Author page, your website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads.
• Signings and Book launches info on applicable page. Updates up to once monthly per author
• Promos: Your active book promos can be featured.
• your books will also appear on the website's applicable genre pages for readers to discover
• In order to participate you must agree to retweet, or otherwise share other Author Spotlights, as well as your own. Minimum share participation via social media is at least once weekly.


* For your Author Spotlight, we encourage you to be creative and have a little fun. It's more than your average bio. You want readers to come for the inside scoop, something they can't get anywhere else. It's up to you but here are some ideas: photos of you doing adventurous or interesting things, your launch, your videos, etc.

** Rotation rate is dependent on the number of participating authors. We're Canadian, eh? We can share without fighting.


Retweets by other authors are dependent on them honouring their participation agreement. An increase in sales through any online platform is not guaranteed.

Our introductory rate is $19.95.

(Regular price $29.95)

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