Canada150Canadian Shorts

by Various Authors

Canadian Shorts: A Collection of Short Stories

Foreword by Brenda Fisk. Authored by Donna Quick, Maureen O'Hare, Michele Lisiecki, Michael Lalonde, Maureen Haseloh, Allison Gorner, Joan M. Baril, Sara Mang, Wayne Douglas Weedon, Vicki Lockwood, R.O., Marion Agnew


Celebrating Canada's 150th birthday, Canadian Shorts is a writing contest that publishes top entries in a collection of Canadian-themed short stories. Our goals are to spotlight great writing and to donate proceeds from the contest and book sales to a Canadian charity. This year's recipient is The Canadian Council for Refugees.

The following authors have granted permission for their works to appear in this publication.

Foreword © 2017 by Brenda Fisk

"Far Out on the Sagebrush Sea" © 2017 by Donna Quick

"After the Change" © 2017 by Maureen O'Hare

"The Cure" © 2017 by Michele Lisiecki

"Canada Day" © 2017 by Michael Lalonde

"Of Shadows and Old Homes" © 2017 by Maureen Haseloh

"The Yelping Dog Campground" © 2017 by Allison Gorner

"The Big Hole" © 2017 by Joan M. Baril

"Mayfly" © 2017 by Sara Mang

"Murder: In Coldest Blood" © 2017 by Wayne Douglas Weedon

"The Invitation" © 2017 by Michael Lalonde

"The Long Ride" © 2017 by Vicki Lockwood

"Emerson" © 2017 by Michael Lalonde

"Clue on a Coffee Cup" © 2017 by R.O.

"A Map of the Moon" © 2017 by Marion Agnew

Canadian Council for Refugees acknowledges the support of Canadian Shorts authors:

[EXCERPT] The "Canadian Shorts" project is a great example of generous people, with their knowledge and expertise, sharing the desire of making positive changes in our communities … we as individuals can have an influence, we can take action and as a group, we can have greater impact. Thank you again for standing with us!
Janet Dench
Executive Director
Canadian Council for Refugees

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About the Canadian Council for Refugees

Mission Statement

"The Canadian Council for Refugees is a national non-profit umbrella organization committed to the rights and protection of refugees and other vulnerable migrants in Canada and around the world and to the settlement of refugees and immigrants in Canada. The membership is made up of organizations involved in the settlement, sponsorship and protection of refugees and immigrants. The Council serves the networking, information-exchange and advocacy needs of its membership."

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