Spotlight on Author Jameson Kooper

Lone Pine: North Woods is officially in the running for a Trillium Poetry Award. Shortlist will be announced early 2018. Good Luck to author Jameson Kooper! "This prestigious Award is the province's leading award for literature."

Guided by the author's strong connection to nature, Lone Pine is a collection of poetry on the wonder of life, personal loss and ultimately hope.

"It is the dark that spawns the light. When the dark tries to claim me, light breaks from within shattering to splinters this mirror that attempts to rend my soul to ruin. It is in those moments of supreme doubt, anger, spit and vengeance that I find my voice. And it is this light that springs it free to the page for others to read. Sometimes I even find clarity. I hope you the reader will enjoy these simple spare verses. I hope you will identify your own dark place and find a way that guides to the light. For the light is always warm. The light always springs songs of life. It is in the light that we gain wisdom."


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